Warrant and Support Spreadsheet Excel
Warrant and Support Spreadsheet Excel

We seek to work with our Disclaimer of Warranty and Support as clear and objective as possible because our main goal is to let our subscribers satisfied and their needs adequately met.


Disclaimer of Warranty

Objectively speaking, all subscribers have 7 days (after payment) to request a refund in case of dissatisfaction with our services. And are considered accepted as reasons the following reasons:

  • The absence of spreadsheets to download
  • Poor communication in support for financial or operating / navigability of the site

The cancellation of the subscription can be made ​​at any time. Just ask the Paypal through your account.


We provide you all the necessary support to answer questions regarding the use of the site as:

  • how to download spreadsheets
  • how to request spreadsheets
  • how to ask questions about the use of particular spreadsheet and seek help from other community members
  • how to find Excel experts to help you in any way
  • how to find good Excel courses to improve you skills level with the tool

And our support will also be on hand to deal with financial matters and technical matters relating to your access.

Therefore, only the issues that are described above will be answered by our support team.

Remember that this page can be changed at any time by following our internal criteria without notice, so always be aware of it.

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